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June 07, 2019 1 min read

Deepa Gurnani Orchid Inspired Collection
Across multitudes of cultures, the orchid is an embodiment of elevated fashion, art and literature.  Place a blooming orchid plant into a room and it instantly enlivens the space, demanding attention.  The  Orquídea Collection is an ode to nature's refinement, charm and beauty.  (Pictured above: Catarina Earrings and Usha Cuff)
Deepa Gurnani Luxe Orchid Pins
Pink and ivory is constant throughout the Orquídea Collection. A white orchid is the symbol of divinity, purity and devotion.   Pink is the color of tenderness, romance and joie de vivre.  The union of the two pigments is the representation of the Deepa Gurnani woman, defined by an elevated sense of aesthetics, innate elegance and unmistakeable intellect.  (Pictured above: Aggie Hair Clip, Itzel Hair Clip and Nadene Hair Clip)
Orchid Inspired Luxury Earrings
The Orchid is a unique flower, graceful and dynamic, ever changing in meaning. In the Victorian Age it exemplified exclusive luxury.  Today, it is viewed as a rare and delicate beauty. The  Orquídea Collectioncontinues in this "blooming" tradition and encapsulates the fertility, grace, love, beauty and sophistication of the magnificent orchid. (Pictured above: Edyn Earrings)