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August 01, 2019 1 min read

Every seashell has a storyPeople have a natural fascination with shells, the sea's abundant treasure.  A leisurely stroll on the beach surely ends with a few collected shells.  Each shell is unique, each tells its own story, while others sing the ocean's songs. Add them to handmade jewelry and the fascination transforms into inspiration. 

Handmade shell earrings

 Think shells and summer comes to mind.  At Deepa Gurnani, the shell transcends its seasonal designation.  It's wear anytime, with anything . . . timeless.  The shell is truly an evolution of beauty.

Deepa Gurnani Shell Headbands and Earrings

Every shell is unique, mirroring that of Deepa Gurnani's signature handmade techniques.  Every shell has a narrative and these stories are woven into the nature of our designs.   These hand embroidered pieces beckons the question, "What stories do your accessories tell?"

Deepa Gurnani Shell Collection