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May 17, 2017 1 min read

Embroidery tools used for Deepa Gurnani accessories

Hand embroidery in India includes distinct regional styles and techniques that vary by region. Deepa Gurnani uses two primary styles: Aari and Zardozi embroidery.  Designs in Indian embroidery are formed on the basis of texture, design of the fabric and stitch. (Above Middle:  The Aari hook is the primary tool used in the production of Deepa Gurnani styles).

Handmade is luxury.  There is a rich history behind the craftsmanship of the Deepa Gurnani collection.  Our Karigars (Artisans) use techniques going back several centuries, handed down from one generation to another.  All Deepa Gurnani Jewelry is handmade, ensuring the continuity and growth of a storied craft.

The Soul of Handmade. Handmade celebrates our lives and humanity--there's a soulfulness in each handmade item.  There's imagination and story behind each unique product that a machine can never retell.  Handmade styles are statement pieces as well as conversation pieces.  What story does your jewelry tell?