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October 15, 2018 1 min read

Behind the scenes at our Deepa Gurnani India Design StudioWelcome to a snippet of our design studio where many of Deepa Gurnani's designs come to fruition.  Here, the ebb and flow of creative energies play out.  It's the home to a collective who share a passion for design and interpretation . . . endlessly.  In the scheme of the everyday, it's a studio of inquiry, innovation and artistry.  

Deepa Gurnani Mood BoardThe capricious mood board is the water cooler of the studio.  Designers gather here to view new projects, discuss current trends and exchange ideas.  The board changes from day to day.  Above, you'll actually see some of the new styles for the upcoming Deepa Gurnani collection, Seduction.Deepa Gurnani SketchThere's an organic vibe to the studio.  The creative energy is always in flux.  The desire to "make" fills the air.  The design studio is a unique space dedicated to the pursuit of the marvelous and extraordinary.  At times, it metamorphoses to become the center of our universe.