Fayette Necklace
Fayette Necklace

Fayette Necklace

Deepa Gurnani

Color: Gold/Blush

Delicately ornamented with Opal Glass Crystals and Swarovski Pearls, the graceful Fayette Necklace flaunts overflowing luxury and imagination. 

Necklace.  Hand Embroidered with Micro Cut Beads, European Resin, Plated Metal Italian Hardware, Metallic Chord Trim, Brass, Opal Glass Crystal, Glass Crystals, Swarovski Pearls, Gold Plated Chain, Plated Metal Pipes, Silk Cord, Plated Brass Coins, Semiprecious Labradorite, Semiprecious Moonstone, Adjustable Metallic Cord, Metallic Thread, Cotton Thread and Printed Italian Leather.



Quantity: 1