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Handmade with a Mission

Deepa Gurnani Hand Embroidery Closeup

Hand Crafted (to last) with Purpose

Deepa Gurnani’s purpose is to preserve and refine the storied craft of Indian hand embroidery. In doing so, we strive to enrich the livelihood of  our Karigars by adopting fair trade practices and ensuring safe working conditions. We strive to produce the finest hand crafted accessories using responsible and ethical methods. We believe the Earth is sacred and will implement responsible methods to preserve and protect the environment.  Altruistic endeavors are at the forefront of our mission and we continue to commit a portion of our profits to charitable causes. We aim to contribute to a better world while safeguarding the cultural heritage of Indian embroidery.

The art of hand embroidery


Preservation of Craft and Culture

There is a rich history behind the craftsmanship of the Deepa Gurnani collection. Every stitch is a homage to cultural and artistic heritage. Our Karigars (Artisans) use embroidery techniques going back several centuries, handed down from one generation to the next. All Deepa Gurnani jewelry is handmade, ensuring the continuity and refinement of a storied craft.

Floral Hand Embroidery by Deepa Gurnani

Beyond a Fair Wage

Our Karigars are valued and compensated for their skills. We ensure workers are paid above standard wages and invest in their well being. Health care is provided, education is sponsored, retirement benefits are afforded and housing is arranged when necessary. Our goal is to make Deepa Gurnani a great organization in which to work and grow—this mission begins with a worker-first focus.
Butterfly embroidery

Made with Care and Quality in Mind

Handmade is synonymous with superior design, value and quality.  Deepa Gurnani accessories are meticulously embroidered by our skilled Karigars (Artisans). Our Karigars continue to refine and improve their craft, resulting in unique products with the finest details and sturdy construction. Our aim is to create accessories that embody high standards of craftsmanship that last a lifetime (and beyond).
Embroidery with yellow details

We're Accountable to Mother Earth

Deepa Gurnani embraces environmentally responsible practices. We take our own impact into account and ensure that we take measures to become a less wasteful, more efficient company. We recycle, up-cycle, reduce energy consumption and are transitioning to eco friendly packaging. We support the OCA (Organic Consumers Association) as we believe that it is our fundamental responsibility to look after our planet for all future generations.  We  don’t  make  claims to be 100% green but we continue to explore ways to introduce sustainablepractices into our operations.

Hand embroidery details

A Helping Hand and Philanthropic Pursuits

Deepa Gurnani gives back.  A portion of our profits are donated each year to various charities. We sponsor buildOn which is an organization committed to breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education. We believe that imparting education to the youth will make a better world for future generations. We  support  the  SGI-USA,  an organization dedicated to advancing world peace. During the pandemic we established the 10K Mask Initiative which distributed handmade masks to local hospitals and the general public.  Through our charity sponsorships we aim to build a brighter and more compassionate world.

Handmade is Luxury


The Heart and Soul of Deepa Gurnani

Jay and Deepa Lakhani

The Deepa Gurnani brand was conceived in the dreams and passions of husband and wife partnership, Deepa and Jay Lakhani. 

Whilst studying fashion at London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Deepa beaded couture pieces for Alexander McQueen, Emanuel Ungaro, Fendi and Marjan Pejoski.  Working closely with these designers not only enabled Deepa to understand couture standards of quality and finish, but also compelled her to experiment with new and unusual beading and embroidery techniques.  Combining this experience with her own distinct style and sensibility, inspired her to create her own line.

Jay Lakhani, a Jewelry Designer, started his training at the Fashion Institute of Technology NYC and progressed to work with some of the finest names in the fine jewelry industry. He trained under head designers from Tiffany and Bvlgari, where he refined his eye for detail and luxury. In addition to his love of fine jewelry, Jay was always drawn to fashion.  He dreamed of combining the art of fine jewelry with fashion accessories, to create easy-to-wear works of art.  He noticed a trend for black and basic-silhouettes in the marketplace, which he saw as blank canvases for exquisite embroidered accessories.

In 2005, Jay Lakhani and Deepa Gurnani came together and became husband and wife.  After their marriage, the two designers collaborated and launched their label “Deepa Gurnani”. The duo combined their talents to create a line of unique and distinctive embroidered accessories, which continues to amaze, and inspire fans, season after season. Their first line was launched at Henri Bendel’s, NYC in November 2006 and subsequently sold in various stores across the globe. Brand Deepa Gurnani is a part of Feelwell Garments & Accessories Private Limited which manages the development of exceptional craftsmanship and distinct products.

After 15 years in business, the brand has grown from strength to strength in a constantly changing industry. Customer expectations of exquisite craftsmanship and luxury is ever in demand, however in a challenging world economy there is a growing need to satisfy a more price-conscious customer.

In 2016, Deepa Gurnani launched two separate ranges to satisfy the needs of our global customers. 'Deepa Gurnani ' remains a luxury brand, focused on limited edition trend-led capsule collections, made with Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones. The second brand 'Deepa by Deepa Gurnani' is a more accessible collection, creating beautiful and easy-to- wear pieces for all occasions. 

2016 also marked Deepa Gurnani's exclusive collaboration with designer and artist, Erté.  The collection consists of styles inspired by Erté's delicate and glamorous art deco look.  All Erté styles are hand embroidered using Deepa Gurnani's finest techniques. 

Through today, the highest quality standards prevail in all collections with no compromise on the quality and the ethics of our workmanship.