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January 16, 2018 1 min read

How often have you returned home from a social event, kicked off your heels, hastily removed your heavy jewelry and took a deep sigh of relief?  Accessories are our first love, but very often the jewelry we love can be a pain in the neck – literally.
 Deepa Gurnani Luxury Earrings and Bracelets
Suffering for fashion is not for us.  We believe the objective of good design is to incorporate beauty, comfort and convenience.  At Deepa Gurnani we create collections with this mantra in mind.  
Deepa Gurnani Lightweight Accessories
While our jewelry line is fashioned to make a big statement, it does so with an ethereal proclamation.  Even the most elaborate necklace or intricately embroidered earring is kept lightweight for ease of wear.  There is no burden to bear – literally.
Our styles are designed to be featherlike, making them the perfect every day accessory.  The jewelry’s aim is to adorn and disregard the nuisance of gravity.  When it comes to jewelry, handmade and lightweight are true luxury.