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January 18, 2019 1 min read

Deepa Gurnani Fruit Collection
When life gives you lemons . . . wear it.  From subtle, juicy watermelon post earrings to oversized, scrumptious apple clip earrings, there's a fruit-themed style out there for every taste. It's time to take your fruit infatuation to the next level. 
Deepa Gurnani Luxe Grape Post Earrings
Stand out from the masses with our fun and charming Deepa Gurnani Luxe Grape Earrings.
Deepa Gurnani Luxe Strawberry Post Earrings
"Nothing but love" with our Deepa Gurnani Luxe Strawberry Clip Earrings.
Deepa Gurnani Luxe Cherry Post Earrings
  . . . with cherries on top.  Classy, vibrant and animated: our Luxe Cherry Earrings are the cream of the crop.
Deepa Gurnani Luxe Fruit Collection
Can't decide which to style to wear?  Pick the the entire bunch and go "bananas."