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March 06, 2020 1 min read

Spring, you're finally here! What took you so long? No more dark days and cold nights… No more heavy coats and snow boots… Time for longer days and the beautiful warmth of that golden sunshine… feels so good! 

Longer days and warmer nights motivate us to get out and socialize more and we all know what that means…more opportunities to dress up or dress down. No matter what your preference is, don’t miss the opportunity to highlight your unique style with a great jewelry piece from our Spring 2020 collection… from earrings to necklaces and cuffs to bracelets we have your Spring style covered!

Welcome to Spring 2020…

Color, Color, Color- You will find every color of the rainbow and then some! From bright and bold to subtle and romantic. Saturated beautiful tone combinations create unique and inspiring looks for everyday ease and glamorous nights out.

Texture- Metals intertwine seamlessly with beads and glass crystals creating layers of depth and beauty.

Organic Movement - like water on a warm day or a cool breeze in the evening, jewelry that moves with you and feels so nice against your skin. Light in feel but bold in look. Earrings that drip their crystal beauty on your skin like a warm sun shower. Necklaces that cradle but don’t confine. Bracelets and cuffs that encircle your wrist in beauty and comfort.  Spring returns and with it brings accessories that balance function and design.