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July 24, 2018 2 min read

Accessories Inovation Council
There is nothing more satisfying than becoming part of a family marked by mutual support and understanding.  In 2016 Deepa Gurnani joined a collective that embraced its vision.  Jay and Deepa became part of the Accessories Council, a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to spur consumer awareness and demand for fashion accessories.  It was a natural fit.
Accessories Council Board Members
(above: Accessories Council Board Members)
The Accessories Council was established in 1994.  Currently, membership numbers over 290 companies and organizations blanketing the  accessories, eyewear and footwear industries.  In its initiative to foster growth the Council provides educational seminars, networking events, seasonal trend reports, and marketing initiatives.  The Council provides tools for success.
Iris Apfel Ace Awards
(above: Iris Apfel presenting at the Ace Awards)

Annually, since 1997, the Accessories Council hosts the ACE (Accessories Council Excellence) Awards.  The event honors and celebrates individuals and companies who have made distinguishable contributions to the accessories industry.  Honorees include designers, retailers, journalists, celebrities and emerging companies.

Accessories Inovation Council(above: AIC members)

In 2017, the Accessories Council saw the obligation to nurture new talent entering the industry.   AIC soon followed, headed by Jay Lakhani.  AIC (Accessories Innovation Committee) is a collective group of young brands and designers who have made an impact in today’s accessories markets.  They are committed to supporting tomorrow’s innovators in the new age of retail by sharing their experience, network and resources. They believe in a “brands for brands” mentality that benefit not only each other, but the future of the accessories industry.

Ace Awards Dinner

(above: Deepa Gurnani team at ACE Awards)
The Accessories Council (along with the Accessories Innovation Committee) continues to provide a needed service for growth and innovation.  It's a success-focused organization committed to developing its members.  Deepa Gurnani is proud to be associated with the Council and its mission.