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August 13, 2018 1 min read

Deepa Gurnani The Luxury of Handmade Cover
To truly appreciate the beauty of Deepa Gurnani, one needs to understand the details and skills that are patiently invested in its creation.  Handmade is a progression of the minutiae, wherein the beauty lies.  The magic begins with a vision conceptualized on media and manifested through the finesse of a skilled Karigar (Artisan).   Here, the luxury of handmade is defined.
Design Stage Flor Luxe HeadbandOne of the centerpieces of our collection is the Flor Headband, a style that reflects a high complexity of design and unequaled level of craftsmanship.   The headband is highlighted by a dramatic bloom of lilies.  The flower is a symbol of love, femininity and virtue (emblematic of the Deepa Gurnani woman).  A closer look reveals precise and meticulous hand embroidering techniques that demand expertise and time.
Embroidery of Flor Headband
The process begins as the designer renders floral sketches on to paper.  The designs are given to a Karigar who employs a specific technique (Aari or Zardozi) appropriate for the composition.  Layered, every petal is created with its own unique embroidery pattern.  A labored progression, every section is handwoven with semiprecious stones, shimmering Swarovski crystals, glass beads, metallic thread and high polished brass chips.  The artistry is in the details.
When fully appreciated, handmade accessories begin to share their stories.  It's a remembrance of culture and history.  It's a never ending narrative of micro moments consisting of the desire to create art and voice the human spirit, where true value is measured and luxury is understood.  Clearly, "Handmade is Luxury." 

(Model Shots by Rafique Sayed)