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October 25, 2017 1 min read

     Products should contain beauty within, a kind of beauty that is pure, fair, and available to all.  Fashion should be beautiful for the beholder as well as the creator. Around the world, some fashion houses exploit the economically and socially downtrodden for inexpensive labor, making them toil for each penny. Fashion should not be damaging or painful, but bring joy to all.
     There is a growing need for transparency within the fashion industry.  Ask yourself, "Who made my jewelry?"  Labels must follow ethical production standards: regulating sourcing, production, and purchase mechanisms.  The processes must safeguard basic human rights and respect the individuals, helping at each step along the way.  As consumers, it is our responsibility to revolutionize the fashion industry and steer it towards ethical transparency.
     At Deepa Gurnani, we play our role in the movement as pioneers of ethical employment.  We do not employ children and provide fair wages and working hours to all employees.  To create the beautifully embellished jewelry, our Karigars are given comfortable working conditions in which they can freely practice their craft. We value our skilled Artisans and respect our workers' families.  Each day we strive to fulfill our responsibility as moral and principled employers.  Our handmade is ethically made.