Lakmé Fashion Week

Every year, India hosts its bi-annual premier Fashion Week in Mumbai. This fashion forward event is called Lakmé.  This year we were one of the fortunate brands to be chosen to participate in the summer resort show. It was a huge honor being invited this season and we were determined to put our best foot forward. No Sleep Till The Runway!
Why were we chosen you wonder? We are a brand that believes in sustaining the craft of hand embroidery and working with skilled Artisans to make sure this craft goes on for generations to come. The Lakme team felt we were right for the show and loved the fact that the brand is made in India, but has a more Global reach. 
The theme of the collection we presented is called Oblivion. We wanted to portray what is going on around the world.  We believe people need to take a step back and think about what is going on around them.  We all want peace around us, but we have to play our part in delivering this message and feeling. We used colors like red and black to help represent the wars and bloodshed around the world. Such a dark theme one would think, but in art and fashion we strive for hope. 
When invited to be a part of such an amazing opportunity we thought, how can we catch everyone's attention? Since this was our debut show, we wanted to relate to the audience and have them feel that everyone can wear our pieces and feel fabulous.  What better way to do that than choosing bloggers and stylists to model our pieces.  Styling these top Bollywood Bloggers and Stylists was a huge honor as they work with the best of the best in the industry. We wanted to put them in front of the cameras as they are the ladies who make things happen in India. 
With every experience there is a lesson learned. Being part of the Sustainable Craft and Textile Day was very exciting for us.  We had never done anything like this before. Being asked to work on 8 "head to toe" looks was nerve wrecking and exciting all at once. Our biggest take away was that we can make clothes as well as our accessories. We have been inspired to push ourselves even further and are now working on a small clothing line that will launch next season. With determination and freshly inspired motivation there are fun things ahead in the world of Deepa Gurnani!
Lakme Fashion Week happens twice a year. We are considering doing it again next season. Stay tuned...

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